Top Menu App works autonomously and independently of your site.

It It is an online solution for identifying your bar, pub or restaurant and display the menu list on the customer's mobile phone.

The customer can download the application from Google Play or the Apple Store but this is not necessary.

Applying Progressive Web App (PWA) technology allows the user to operate on the internet in exactly the same way as if he had downloaded the application.

Upgradable to Pro (Top Order)

No technical infrastructure is required on the part of your business or on behalf of the customer.

It is an online ordering and payment solution for restaurants and bars via mobile phone inside and outside the store.

Increases sales and customer loyalty, thus increasing traffic to your establishment.

A complete online solution based on experience designed for speed and simplicity.
  • Offline operation
  • Extremely fast Internet access
  • It has the ability to recognize a phone and adapt to it
  • Supports push notifications, so that customers are informed about the progress of their orders without SMS and additional costs.
  • Creates an identical icon on your mobile or tablet just like the app you download from the Apple Store or Google Play


All images are collected from Unsplash.