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Pro (Top Order)

A complete online solution based on experience designed for speed and simplicity.

No technical infrastructure is required on the part of the store or on behalf of the customer.
A simple cash register is all you need. The rest we will offer you online.

All orders are placed through the mobile phone of your customers or staff.
Orders are processed via your business PC, laptop or mobile phone.

Easy access to current or past orders.
Simple management of available menu dishes and beverages, which are exhausted


  1. Order food and drinks directly from the menu.
  2. Menu with a choice of side dishes and variations.
  3. Let your customer order without the presence of your employee per table.
  4. Ability of the waiter to place the customer's order per table.
  5. Inform your customers about the progress of their order.
  6. Inform your customers about the delivery of their order or inform the waiter about the delivery of ready-made orders to customers.


Real-time reporting

Manage your business easier and more efficiently

Menu Lists always up to date, dishes of the day and special offers
Dynamically update your menu lists and present to your customers, only the available dishes. Update the dishes of the day and possible offers depending on what is available.
Create a bundle of two or more dish offers at once to promote what you want.
Adjust menu lists to suit your customers' preferences
Increase your sales
Increase your customer loyalty
Evaluate your staff
Keep your data safe


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